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Wheel alignment

When a vehicle is in use, the wheel balance is lost. In the long run, it may become dangerous to drive because the alignment of the wheels is out, therefore, steering becomes more difficult and the vehicle is unstable. In order to eliminate these disturbances, wheel alignment should be carried out by experienced professionals.

Symptoms of a bad wheel alignment

If you experience instability and driving discomfort while driving; it’s difficult to maintain a straight trajectory while driving, and the car tends slightly to the left or right, it is a sign that an immediate wheel alignment is required. However, even if you do not notice any significant problems, the wheel alignment could be useful to make sure the wheels are straight and stable.
Visit the car service and repair center “Agrija” in Vilnius. Our experienced technicians will inspect your vehicle and deliver quality wheel alignment services. The computer stand “Hunter” is used at our car service and repair center.

When do you need a wheel alignment?

Regular checks after a certain mileage are required for each vehicle, no matter that at first sight it functions and runs perfectly and smoothly. For each car, manufacturers determine the required parameters and tolerance limits. Failure to do so may result in poor driving quality and insufficient safety of your vehicle. Regular checks are required for all vehicles in the following cases:

  • after covering 10-15 thousand kilometers (the exact number depends on the particular vehicle, see the manufacturer’s recommendations);
  • after car body repair;
  • after the repair of the suspension (i.e. after the repairs of steering levers, shock absorbers, nozzles, tie rod axle joints and steering columns; replacement of silent block bushing, etc.);
  • after damage from the potholes or hitting another obstacle, especially if the wheel was not at that time in a horizontal position;
  • when you notice the progressive tread wear;
  • when the steering wheel is hard to turn or it is difficult to turn it back to its previous position;
  • when you experience the floating sensation on the road.

Take care of yourself and other road users on the road. Do not forget to check the wheels! Come to our service and repair center and we will take care of your vehicle.