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Brake system repair

If you notice that the brakes do not work as it should; if your steering wheel vibrates and trembles or car is taking longer than normal to stop, then an immediate brake system repair is required. Brakes are one of the most important vehicle’s safety features. Poorly operating brakes may be dangerous to the safety or even life of you and other road users. Therefore, having detected the first, minor defects, it is necessary to contact the car service and repair center in a timely manner and remove them.

How are the brakes worn?

The brake system consists of discs, hoses, pads, cylinders, ropes, amplifiers, fluids and auxiliary ABS and ESP systems. Brake pads and discs are wearing out much quicker than other spares. What causes such a rapid wear out of brake pads and disks?

First of all, wear is highly influenced by the distance covered. The brakes are worn out after a certain mileage. Frequently new and high-quality discs may be damaged by the worn out brake pads. Then the repair becomes even more expensive. To prevent this from happening, you must contact the service and repair center as soon as an alert on the dashboard appears or when the squeaking sound comes from wheels during the braking.

Secondly, the driving manner affects the brakes a lot. Brake discs attain high temperatures during intense driving, and cooling them very quickly by driving through water could warp the discs. In the future, this causes unpleasant vibrations while braking. The high-quality repair will help to eliminate these malfunctions, however, if you will be driving in an irresponsible manner, the spare parts of your car will be worn out more quickly and, therefore, the expenses related to the repair will significantly increase.

Thirdly, the time during which the brake discs and pads shall wear out, highly depends on the quality of these spare parts. Nowadays, we can discover a wide range of car spare parts, but it is important to choose a reliable manufacturer that may offer a high-quality product.

High-quality car repair services
Technicians at our car service and repair center use brake testing equipment “Ravaglioli”. Car service and repair center “Agrija” with over 20 years service experience can offer high-quality brake system repair services. We carry out computer diagnostics; change brake disks, pads, hoses, cylinders, fluids and perform other system repairs. We will thoroughly rebuild your car’s brakes and eliminate all kinds of malfunctions – the brakes will no longer cause any troubles.