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Engine repair

The engine is one of the most important parts of the car, which regulates its entire operation. Having detected some signs of failure, it is necessary to fix them in time. Repair of a car engine is one of the most complex works that is being performed in car service and repair centers. We shall offer you the services of qualified and experienced staff who will manage to repair the engine of your car qualitatively.

How to know if your engine needs rebuilding or repair?

If you notice the first signs of a car engine malfunction, please contact our car service and repair center “Agrija”. We are certainly ready to assist you in all cases. Often, drivers do not pay enough attention to minor engine problems in order to save money. It is important to note that as soon as possible defects are detected, the cheaper it is to fix them, as failure to repair an engine on time, may result in a need for a complete engine overhaul.

The most common symptoms of engine failure are:

  • the car is hard to start, car jerking;
  • strange sounds coming from your automobile;
  • rapid engine heating;
  • the engine runs unevenly and periodically even stops running;
  • a large amount of smoke from the exhaust pipe;
  • the coolant enters the engine oil;
  • increased consumption of fuel and oil.

Engine Repair Works

Most commonly, the following main works are to be performed during the repair of engines:

  • valve replacement;
  • replacement of pistons and their rings;
  • replacement of seals, glands, gaskets;
  • restoration of camshafts and crankshafts;
  • restoration of cylinders and their blocks;
  • restoration of cylinder block head.

If the faults are not serious enough, replacement of spark plugs, high-voltage wires, fuel nozzles or filters may be enough.

Current repair and complete engine overhaul

Our car service and repair center offers both maintenance repairs and engine overhaul for petrol and diesel cars. If you shall notice any suspicious failure or malfunction, come and visit us at our repair center. After performing computer diagnostics and having thoroughly examined the current state of your automobile, we will determine what repair of the engine is needed – whether it is necessary to perform an overhaul or sufficient repair is enough.

Visit “Agrija” car service and repair center. We will eliminate any engine failures at an affordable price. Your vehicle will operate reliably, smoothly and flawlessly!