Techninė apžiūra

About us

“Agrija” car service and repair center – all the necessary spares for automobiles, car wash, and repair at the same place.

We work with an advanced equipment and constantly participate in various training sessions. Therefore, we shall take care of your car on the basis of more than 20 years experience and new technologies.

We are proud of innovative technologies – continuing investments into technologies enable us to service different brands of cars and minibusses.

We successfully co-operate in servicing corporate fleets.

Maintenance and inspection

  • Regular inspection and oil change,
  • Seasonal check (summer, winter, holidays),
  • Testing prior to technical inspection and completion of technical inspection – you do not need to take care of anything, just leave your car at our car service and repair center and come to take it later on with an updated technical inspection,
  • Evaluation of the general condition.

Diagnostics of electronic systems
Quick troubleshooting with the most advanced Bosch testing technique.
Diagnosing and repairing:

  • Electrical and electronic systems: VW, Audi, Opel, Mercedes, BMW, Toyota, Renault, Peugeot, Citroen, Porsche, SUBARU automobiles,
  • Power supply systems,
  • Starting and Ignition Systems,
  • Lighting systems.

Mechanical repair works

  • Repair and replacement of wheel bearings to clutch or exhaust system,
  • Repair of turbines, pumps, starters, generators, radiators, crankcases,
  • Inspection and repair of an engine cooling system,
  • Repair and replacement of an engine components.

Maintenance of the braking system

  • Repair of the braking system requires know-how. Changing the brake pads, discs, and drums,
  • Maintenance and repair of the mechanical and hydraulic braking system,
  • Diagnostics, repair, and replacement of ABS / ASR / ESP systems and their components.

We will take care of your car’s technical inspection

  • We’ll fix the faults if any,
  • We will take a car to the Technical Inspection Center and take care of the entire procedure from A to Z,
  • We will return you a car with an updated technical inspection.

And even more than that:

  • Servicing of air conditioning and heating systems, air conditioner refill,
  • Mounting and balancing tires and wheels,
  • Computer-based wheel geometry,
  • Wheel alignment,
  • Brake testing stand.