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Steering columns repair

The steering mechanism is one of the most important parts of the car that regulates its performance. Failures of this system may become extremely dangerous for your and other road users’ safety, and should be fixed immediately. Service and repair center “Agrija” carries out high-quality repair of steering columns at an affordable price.

Why is the steering system so important?

The car steering control system is a complex system that consists of many elements. Even the minor damage to any part of the device may undermine the quality of the whole system. In this case, a thorough examination and repair of the columns are required. A well-adjusted steering system is responsible for the proper coordination of the wheels – a turn of a smaller radius makes the turning easier and more precise.

Steering system repair

The steering wheel controls the wheels; if the steering columns lose their balance, then the wheels will be hard to rotate, and various signs of failure occur. Some of them:

  • the car is pulled to one side or the other;
  • fast shift of wheels to forward and reverse direction;
  • slip. When the steering wheel is turned to one or another direction, it returns to its previous position;
  • strikes on the steering wheel when driving on the uneven road surface, clunking noise appears and the car jumps when driving over the potholes and bumps;
  • when driving at high-speed, the steering wheel starts to vibrate and constant vibration persist at steady speeds;
  • oil leakage from the steering column;
  • heavy vehicle control; steering wheel too loose;
  • wheezing noise or whistling type sound when turning the steering wheel to one or another direction, especially when driving at low speeds.

Undoubtedly, not all of these signs indicate the need for changing the columns. Other types of faults often occur. We invite you to visit our car service and repair center. After detailed diagnostics and accurate detection of faults, we will quickly and reliably fix them. You will no longer need to take care of your car – we will arrange everything for you.