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Replacement of lubricants, oils and oil filters

Replacement of lubricants, oils and oil Filters

Want your engine to operate efficiently and reliably? Regular lubricant-oil change is a great choice for maintaining the longevity of the vehicle’s engine. Failure to change the oil in time, may cause various faults and, in conversely, carefully selected and changed at the right time oil may help to prevent car malfunctions.

The technicians of the car service and repair center “Agrija” are ready to replace not only engine lubricants but also oil filters in a highly professional manner. Do not let your automobile to break down – you’d rather take care of it now!

When is it necessary to change lubricants and oil filters?

It is important to note that the oil change frequency may depend on the driving manner and conditions. Also, the air temperature, engine condition and the quality of the lubricants used have a significant influence. However, if you notice that your vehicle is more difficult to start and turbines are constantly rotting, it may be a sign that it’s time to change oil or oil filters. Another factor influencing the change of lubricant and its frequency is the mileage. In most cases, lubricants should be changed when a vehicle travels a distance of approximately 10-30 thousand kilometers.

Is it possible to change it by yourself?

You have decided to change the oil or oil filters of the vehicle by yourself, however, you do not want to go to the car service and repair center? All of this may be done by yourself, but we recommend that you pay attention to the type of lubricants used, the brand of the car as well as to the age of a vehicle. It is also important to use only high-quality lubricants, which are generally not too thick, but in a slightly liquid form.

Every step of the change of lubricant and oil filter is essential.

In order to qualitatively replace the lubricants and oil, it is worth using the instructions.

The first step includes a discharge of old lubricants, finding a drain plug and unscrewing which allows the oil to flow.

The second step involves finding a location of a filter (usually in different places of the engine), unscrewing it and removing, together with the rubber gasket, which shall be newly oiled with lubricant.

The third step includes a replacement of drainage nuts, gaskets, and washers. If you have done everything correctly, you may now carefully attach and completely tighten a new filter and fill it with oil. After doing this, screw a plug to a filler hole, start an engine and check its operation and for oil leaks.

Do not forget that a well-arranged car rides pleasantly, efficiently and safely. Will you manage to change lubricants by yourself? We recommend referring to the tips provided. Want to save time? Professionals in service and repair center “Agrija” are ready to assist you!