Techninė apžiūra

Repair of starter and generator

In order for an engine to run smoothly, it is worthwhile to take care of the condition of all parts of its system. Repair of starters and generators shall be considered if you notice a warning sign, or in case of a dead battery or in case your vehicle loses power. It is true that sometimes the problems are not related to starter or generator, but with the faults of other car mechanisms. In order to identify the exact faults properly, it is worthwhile to visit car service and repair center and consult experienced professionals.

Starter repair

The starter is responsible for starting an engine by turning a key. Typically, the starter is damaged quite rarely and its repair is quite simple. The cause of the starter problems is usually related to the discharge of the battery since the starter takes energy from the battery to start the car. Occasionally, the starter will not turn on due to malfunctions in the safety system, worn out parts of the starter (freewheel units, an attractor coil, etc.).

Sometimes the car start failure is caused by damaged key, poor starter connector, irregular power connections, and other causes. In this case, it is not necessary to repair the starter itself but to remove other disturbances that prevent the quality of operation of a starter. Visit car service and repair center “Agrija” and our engineers will repair all starter system failures. Once the repair is over, all parts of a car will function smoothly together.

Generator Repair

The generator generates energy. A broken belt – one of the most common issues related to generator failures. It can be fixed by using a long sock. However, such fixing will not last for long – more reliable work is being performed at car service and repair center were special generator belts and tensioning mechanisms or bearings are to be installed. When the belt is broken, you will only be able to travel few kilometers using the remaining battery power.

This may end up in a worse situation – the generator could be completely damaged and should be replaced. In such case, the car won’t run, an engine will completely malfunction and smoke may appear. The car will need to be urgently taken to the garage.

At car service and repair center “Agrija” technicians repair starters, generators and change their belts. Reliable and high-quality car repair at affordable prices. Have any car faults? Do not delay, visit us and we will help you to remove them in a timely manner.