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Repair of crankcases and radiators

The crankcase is a box-shaped part of an internal combustion engine at the bottom of the car with an oil or other fluid reservoirs. Car radiators maintain the proper temperature of a coolant. Repair of crankcase and radiator may be required when an operation of an engine is impaired. These failures make the operation of an engine more difficult and increase a consumption of fuel. In the course of time, even more, serious problems arise and the car starts to break down, therefore it’s necessary to turn to a reliable service and repair center.

Most common crankcase malfunctions

In most cars, crankcases are mounted on the bottom, just 20 cm above the ground.When driven to a deep water pothole or outside the crankcase, the outer crankcase body is damaged and, therefore the oil spills out. A crankcase made of aluminum usually cracks, while the metal crankcase is bent and a small hole appears. In this case, you will not be able to drive further – it is necessary to bring it to the car service as soon as possible.

High-quality repair

Our professional staff will meet you at service and repair center “Agrija”. We repair, change and weld crankcases and aluminum radiators. We may offer high-quality radiator straightening, cleaning, and soldering services; ordering new products, upon request. We handle everything for you so you do not have to worry about anything. After repair, you will drive safely.

Diagnose the exact cause of the failure

Radiators cool the liquid with the help of a special fan or reverse-air flow. They are mounted on the front of the engine and consist of a plurality of tubes, channels, and barriers. Such a complex structure allows cooling of high volume fluids simultaneously. If the fluids are transmitted through a radiator, then repair shall be required. Visit our service and repair center so that we could examine the true condition of your car and determine what repairs should be required.

Our experienced staff has been working on the repair of crankcase and radiators for a long time, so we may offer high-quality services. Exclusive customer care and professional assistance are guaranteed!