Techninė apžiūra

Preparation for technical inspection

High-quality and careful preparation for technical inspection will make sure that your automobile is in a good working order and shall undergo the technical inspection at “Regitra” without any hassle. Common unexpected failures are likely to be an obstacle to pass the compulsory inspection for the first time. In such case, additional costs shall be incurred and it will be necessary to go for inspection again, which shall take time and cause a lot of unpleasant concerns. Ensure your car is in good condition in advance and be sure that the technical inspection will be passed smoothly.

Inspection in every case

It does not matter whether your car has obvious failures and defects or not – it’s useful to get ready for technical inspection in every case. It is important to conduct an inspection periodically after a certain mileage already performed. During the technical inspection carried out at “Regitra”, every detail is checked attentively, therefore, it is necessary to complete a careful preparation which may be carried out by us.

Exclusive inspection service

The car service and repair center “Agrija” located in Ozo street, Vilnius, offers an exclusive service – preparation of a car for technical inspection at “Regitra”. On request, during a check carried out at our service and repair center, the following services may be provided:

  • vehicle computer diagnosis;
  • changing oil and filters on the engine;
  • changing oil and filters on gearbox;
  • steering geometry;
  • mounting and balancing of wheels/tires;
  • changing timing and generator belts and their tensioning mechanisms;
  • checking trailer and transmission;
  • checking the fluid level and filling with fluids;
  • changing out a lubricant in a mechanical gearbox and gear reducer;
  • inspecting the brakes with a brake testing system;
  • checking and refilling air conditioners;
  • antibacterial disinfection of an air conditioner;
  • replaceable bulbs;
  • adjustment, polishing, and positioning of headlamps as well as many other services.

Security is the key priority

All inspection and repair services provided by us are useful not only seeking to prepare for a technical inspection at “Regitra”. Properly and well the functioning car is the guarantor ensuring the comfort and safety of any trip. We recommend to carry out a detailed maintenance check on your car before going for long journeys – timely repairs may help to prevent many problems on the road.

So travel safely, pass compulsory technical inspection without any additional headaches. We will inspect and repair your car carefully and responsibly.