Techninė apžiūra

Mounting and balancing wheels/tires

Wheels are an important and significant part of the vehicle that holds the weight of the car, engages with the road and develop traction power and soften the impact of the uneven road. Quality wheel mounting and balancing affect car occupancy on different road surfaces, economy, and smoothness of movement.

Step-by-step tire/wheel mounting

Firstly, the wheel shall be dismounted and the car shall be lifted by a special lifting point. After this step, the screws shall be unscrewed, all the air shall be released from the vehicle tires. The filling of tires with air; tires shall be placed on a solid stand.

The inflow is carried out in two stages. During the first stage, check the position of the locking ring on the disc and inflate the tires to 0,05 MPa. During the second stage, one should follow the operating instructions, which provide information on how much more air is required. During the whole process, the position of the locking ring shall be observed with its irregularity being corrected by releasing air.

Balancing and its importance

Professional and high-quality balancing helps to maintain a high level of comfort while driving. Also, this process ensures the durability of tire life.

If you experience annoying vibration, jerking and notice the rapid wear of the wheels or the suspension, we recommend you to visit the professional auto repair center where the technicians shall perform the required wheel balancing. In addition, this service may also be required if tires are mounted for the first time or after repairs. It is also important to adjust the wheels if while turning the whistle type sound is heard and turning itself becomes more complex, or if the vehicle becomes less stable on the road.

The proper mounting and balancing of wheels are required for each vehicle, so if you notice the above signs or decide to change the tires, visit our professionals who will do all the necessary work at service and repair center “Agrija”!