Techninė apžiūra

Computer diagnostics

Nowadays, nearly every car service and repair center uses high-quality and beneficial diagnostic equipment. The most commonly used – professional and reliable computer diagnostics. Faults may be easily be detected using such diagnostic equipment and the information gathered will serve later for performing vehicle repairs.

The relevance of computer diagnostics

Over time, not only cars and other vehicles but also diagnostic equipment, improve. Modern technology makes it possible to find faults quickly and accurately. This equipment enables to detect at first glance unseen faults in the chassis, bodywork, engine, braking system, suspension, electrical or safety systems.

Basic diagnostics related work

The braking system is one of the most important safety features of the car, so it’s important to have it checked on a regular basis. “AGRIJA” car service and repair enter carry out professional diagnostics of ABS-ESP and other braking systems. Another safety-related element, the AIR BAG system, also requires high-quality verification, which is often carried out with the help of computers.
Our car service technicians are ready to diagnose faults not only in the aforementioned systems but also in DPF and other exhaust gas cleaning, car comfort, adaptive suspension and all engine management systems. Professionally performed basic diagnostic work not only helps to identify problems that have already occurred but also prevent potential troubles on the road.

High-quality Bosch equipment

We are competent automobile troubleshooting specialists, therefore we use robust Bosch equipment. Computer-based diagnostics has been employed over the years. Long-term experience has allowed accumulating a large database, which is constantly updated with modern automobile models. Regular verification of database and equipment used to enable us to provide services to the ever-increasing number of customers.

Professionalism – at every step

A professional specialist who constantly improves and deepens his knowledge in the field of computer diagnostics of automobiles works at “AGRIJA” car service and repair center. Regular training and interest in cutting-edge technology enable the provision of high-level services and the effective use of acquired skills.

Modern diagnostics quickly and accurately detects failures, however eliminating them requires a lot of focus and effort based on experience and knowledge. Finding and fixing the cause of the problem may only be performed by the experienced and dedicated professionals in their field of specialization.

The thorough computer diagnostics of the car will allow you to enjoy a quiet and safe ride and allow you to forget all the troubles associated with vehicle failure!