Techninė apžiūra

Chassis repair

The chassis is the basic skeleton of a car, a suspension that connects the wheels and helps to ensure stability while driving. Chassis repair will be required in case of faults, whereas a periodic check shall be carried out for every car. It is important to take a proper care of the chassis, as this is a very important part of the car, as driving comfort and safety greatly depends on it.

Chassis failure symptoms

If you hear a strange, previously absent popping sound or clicking and automobile becomes unstable and it gets harder to control it – it’s a sign that the chassis and its parts are broken. It is time to prevent breakdowns and contact a trusted service and repair center immediately. Driving a vehicle with a worn chassis is dangerous – you could undermine your safety as well as the safety of other road users.
Failure to replace the damaged parts (joints, shock absorbers, bearings, etc.), may result in an even worse situation, as more spare parts will need to be replaced in the future, which will require higher costs. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out a high-quality repair that we may offer immediately.

Responsible and quality repair service

Repairs of chassis and their spares are performed at car service and repair center “Agrija”. If you suspect that your car’s chassis is working poorly, come with us and we will be able to diagnose any faults by computer diagnostics. After diagnostics, we will determine the required scope of repair works and we will offer you the best options for a reasonable price. After the repair, we recommend to perform wheel alignment – this quick and simple procedure will help to ensure from now on that you will drive comfortably and safely.

The following repairs are performed at car service and repair center “Agrija”:

  • Replacement of shock absorbers and springs;
  • Replacement of shock absorber support;
  • Brake system performance testing;
  • Replacement of joints (internal and external) and their caps;
  • Replacement of silent block bushing;
  • Replacement of anti-roll bar bush;
  • Replacement of bearings;
  • Replacement of wheel hub.

Drive your car safely and comfortably. Forget all the troubles – we will take care of everything. Come to service and repair center “Agrija” and take advantage of our top quality service.