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Car washing, engine cleaning, and chemical cleaning

A clean, tidy and well-kept car is a pride of every driver. A regular car wash may help to maintain a high level of cleanliness and protect against adverse environmental effects.

Why is it important to wash your car?

Properly washing the vehicle not only ensures perfect cleanliness, but also maintains the longevity of the bodywork. If the bodywork is not washed for a long time, then there will be plenty of deposits stuck on it, such as gums, salts, pollen, resins and other grease or dirt deposits. Such deposits have a negative effect on the bodywork and other painted surfaces, as it accelerates wear. A corrosion damage that needs specific treatment, cleaning, and polishing in order to be removed, may be caused if a car is not properly and regularly washed.

What does the quality of car wash depend on?

In order to ensure the high-quality of the vehicle washing process, it is important to take into account the appropriate temperature level, an effect of the surface to be used, the quality of chemicals and a duration of washing. All of these aspects need to be considered and may affect a condition of vehicles.

The importance of a regular care

We recommend washing your car regularly, at least twice a month. This way you will avoid accumulated dirt and grease deposits and you will be able to enjoy the perfect appearance of the vehicle. It is also important to point out that car should be washed more than twice a month during the winter season. In addition, we advise you to choose only high-quality washing, including waxing, which provides effective protection against salts, corrosion, color fading, acid rain, and grease.

The following services are provided at “Agrija” car wash:

  • chemical cleaning of a car’s interior;
  • manual washing of body, car carpets and rims; waxing;
  • dry cleaning of a car’s interior;
  • engine (exterior and it’s bottom) cleaning with special degreasers and cleaners;
  • disinfection of car’s interior.

If you wish to save valuable time and enjoy the tidy and clean car, you should use professional services. Washing of vehicles and cleaning of engines is carried out at service and repair center “Agrija”. Chemical cleaning meets the high-quality standards and the needs of each customer.