Techninė apžiūra

Auto electrical services

Does an electrical system, a remote control or an audio equipment fail to function properly? High-quality auto-electric services will help you quickly and easily remove any of these problems. Typically, faults related to electrical installations are relatively easy to repair, its maintenance does not require special efforts, so once wiring system is fixed, it shall work reliably for many years.

Car warnings about electronics malfunction

How to find out when the car’s electrical system incurs problems? First of all, alarms indicating potential malfunctions appear on the dashboard. Gradually, electronic components fail to function properly, and the performance of all elements of the system is interrupted. In case of such trouble, panic is not worthwhile, as most of these failures are easily corrected. Come to our service and repair center – we will diagnose the exact faults and fix them quickly and reliably.

Services provided by service and repair center “Agrija”

Electricians of “Agrija” have accumulated many years of experience and have sufficient skills and knowledge to repair various electrical failures, therefore, we can guarantee the high-quality of auto electrical services. We carry out computer diagnostics, adjusting lights at our service and repair center. Providing high-quality electrical installation repairs, repairing old and new cars. We carry out diagnostics and repair of electrical wiring, control units; program remote control panels and provide other auto electrical services.

High-quality work

Our company trusts Bosch’s advanced diagnostic system and uses Bosch’s most up-to-date diagnostic equipment in its work. High-quality auto-electric experience is required for high-quality work. We offer high-quality specialist services.
Electricians of “Agrija” are always ready to help you. Do not hesitate – come to us and we will fix your car after completing a professional car diagnostics.