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Auto body repair and painting

If you get into an accident, urgent repair of the car body is necessary. This service may be necessary not only due to an accident – even a slight scratch may cause metal corrosion. Over time, the metal tends to rust, which inevitably affects the general condition of your vehicle – suffers its aesthetic appearance. Therefore, it is necessary to take care of your vehicle properly – high-quality body repairs ensure a longer running of a car.

High-quality repairs

Technicians of our service and repair center have accumulated many years of experience; they specialize in various fields of mechanical engineering. We offer services of experienced professionals. During the finishing of the auto body, it is especially important that even the slightest irregularities or scratches shall not remain on the surface of a metal.

Painting is an equally important stage of a body repair. Over time, the body wears out, the colors become less bright and discolor. Especially in the course of metal corrosion – the metal surface of the scratches gradually rusts and the colors become affected even faster. In the event of an accident, an auto body is not only flattened and welded, but also painted to restore an original color of the car.

The following bodywork repairs are performed at service and repair center “Agrija”:

  • we weld the threshold plates and other components;
  • we administer insurance claims after traffic accidents;
  • we disassemble and assemble the body;
  • we perform preparatory work and paint the body or its separate parts;
  • we remove rust from bodies;
  • we straighten parts of a body frame after a traffic accident;
  • we restore body alignment with the help of a special stand.

Our car service and repair center “Agrija” offers the services of both body welders and painters and finishing specialists. Did you get into an auto accident? Want to remove the scratches of your car and restore the perfect appearance of your vehicle? High-quality auto body painting and repair at your disposal!