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Aluminum welding

Aluminum welding is required when repairing the car and its spare parts, restoring vehicle’s appearance after an accident or performing other technical work. High-quality welding works are carried out by professional welding equipment. Usually, we may offer not only aluminum but also other metal welding and soldering services. If you get into an accident or in case of a car breakdown, do not worry – experienced technicians will restore your vehicle and repair all the faults.

Metal welding services at “Agrija”

Metal welding works are carried out with modern TIG welding machines. We use only the highest quality materials. We weld aluminum and its alloys, magnesium, titanium, stainless steel and cast iron. Upon request, we may perform non-standard welding. We handle aluminum and other bodywork; weld aluminum radiators, tubes of air conditioners, crankcases, turbine collectors and gearboxes.

Modern welding method

Welding of aluminum is different from all other metals’ welding because it is much lighter than steel, its density is lower; this metal is easy to process and it has a high thermal conductivity. Generally welded by a semi-automatic technology or using tungsten electrode in an inert gas environment, i.e. TIG welding that is employed at our service and repair center. This way is much more complicated, but also more qualitative.

One of the major advantages of TIG welding machines is economy and convenience. Welding works may be performed without an addition of any metals; the energy and the melting of an added metal are not related. It allows welding large amounts of metals comfortably and qualitatively, ensuring a good appearance of a welded seam.

High-quality of provided services

The technicians of service and repair center “Agrija” have gained know-how experience in welding aluminum and other metals for many years. Need a welding service? Come to our service and repair center and we will fix your car, diagnose the exact causes of any failure. The high-quality of the performed work is guaranteed!