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Air conditioner repair

Nowadays air conditioners may be found in nearly every car. This device helps to maintain an appropriate temperature and humidity level inside the car. The feeling of comfort ensured at a volatile weather condition shall not extend the time of either trip. However, as with other types of equipment, this equipment also breaks down from time to time or requires regular inspection. High-quality repair of air conditioners will help to eliminate faults and ensure smooth operation of the whole system.


  • Noisy air conditioning system. If you hear the constant annoying noise, the conditioner belt may be worn or dropped. This noise comes from the belt pulley and expansion valves and is caused by the slip of the electric clutch plate and the vibration resonance of the compressor bed-plate.
  • Unpleasant odors. Under certain conditions, the mold may form or bacteria dominated in air may concentrate on the surface of the evaporator core. As a consequence, an annoying smell may be present inside the vehicle.
  • Insufficient heating. In this case, the air conditioner air flow may be blocked by the dirt accumulated inside the heat exchangers, water radiators, and condensers. Repairs may help to restore the pressure switch and water temperature bulbs to the required level, improve the performance of the electric fan, and prevent overheating of water in an engine.
  • Weather, humidity, non-condensing gas in the system. These problems are often caused by an inadequate amount of refrigerant, its excess or deficiency. As well as refrigerant contamination and an excessive moisture in the filter may be the reason for the above-mentioned problems.
  • Faulty expansion valve. This type of valve may be damaged due to a malfunction of the thermostatic valve capillary. Sometimes a mechanism of this unit may bet stuck, which also causes faults in vehicle’s air conditioners.
  • Ice formed on the evaporator core. The malfunctioning may be caused by the fault of thermostat probe or the displacement valve of an adjustable air compressor or the fan may not be functioning properly.

Have you noticed a weird noise coming from an air conditioner, unpleasant odor or encountered other problems? Please do not hesitate to contact the professional technicians of the car service and repair center “Agrija”, and you will be able to enjoy the smooth running of the vehicle.